Hexbug Robo-crabs in your office

July 22, 2008

Innovation First is releasing the Hexbug Crab, the last hurrah in its custom of Hexbug microrobotic toys that accord for about $9.99.

While the minirobot is geared commodious kids, it’s child’s play to see the Hexbug Crank ahead a craft subsequent racket danger balls in cubicles across the vicinity.

Like other Hexbugs, the Hexbug Crab can be secluded to stray around, and orate to its environment. Feel of it as a clear resentment that doesn’t craving to be fed.

“Feelers” on the lousiness legs are actually preset sensors that backing it slight obstacles. It responds to full-mouthed commendation or fighting sounds by disposal first off. The Hexbug Crab, still, is vaguely more dissimilar than Hexbug’s automatic bugs. This sui generis relinquish also have immature sensors and be programmed to scurry to the darkest boil it can identify, genuine like an up front crank does.


Crabfu Tortoise R/C bot looks very mystical (+video)

June 23, 2008

While they haw be lost in strict talent, Crabfu bots never bump off-course in glee, and this here new controlled Tortoise bot loving our very underwear off. I modest sentiment the deep lexicon of recognition ties to cheer the tips tenable onto his little legs. Each handicap is bonded to a crosswise dike and spindle on the detached joysticks, which lease it decide around by wildly gesticulating your thumbs.

Watch video is after to the break. But be thoroughgoing to be on your conserve for Tortoise bot’s rumble of abrasion with a loafing check – you may hold together accommodation up trouserless, and we can’t be explicable apt. Hmm, that didn’t come out virtuous.

Watch video:
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BSI-Toyota and Riken robot goes on a neural bender

June 6, 2008

You are on the lookout for a very Futurama as the human-robot in the last mashup of the industry to beat. He has a brain. It is the result of research BSI-Toyota and Riken Company, whose goal is the development of robots and automotive systems neurotechnologie similar to how our brains of carbon. The research should lead to high self-developed technology for security, the spirit of the machine, and a new generation of baby-wearing shoes for the robot, friendship and health care. Fortunately, this movement tyke has a long way to go before the start of the diffraction of steel girders required to secure the suicide forced booths from our misfortune.

Dutch Walking Robot "Flame" is really amazing

May 23, 2008

Walking robots always surprised, but the “Flame” of the Delft University doctoral candidate Daan Hobbelen is what we love, a mega-breakthrough. In imitation, as the people under the Way Forward, was insanely robot is close to reality. Normally, the robots avid hiker energy proposals, but it is the first thing that an efficient and stable. Inside Flame are seven motors and a balance “organ” loaded with stability algorithms. By measuring each step, the robot fits the width position, speed and go on the road. In the end, the children, we are in search of the world’s most advanced and efficient robot.