Researchers working to teach creepy baby robot to talk !

February 29, 2008

iCub The robot was already well for itself in the department creepiness, but a group of researchers at the University of Plymouth are now working on the things take a big step forward by the so-called “baby-robot” to speak (as it is against the teachings of baby talk). The alleged to be in the next four years, the period in which the researchers are working together with specialists in the development of language, which usually examine the way in which their parents to the children to speak. Finally, they hope that the robot is capable of fulfilling the tasks as a basis for the accumulation of blocks of wood, and in a position to the names of objects and actions, that he spoke basis of the records, such as: “Robot uses Stock Cube, “or” I want more life, the father. “Who is more, it is that the research has not even started, one of the teachers, as nothing less than a milestone, saying that” the results of Research for the establishment of scientific and technological needs for the development of humanoid robots to develop the capacity complex behaviors, thinking and communication skills through learning and the individual’s Social Committee. “Unless the robot that receives some ideas, which he owned, it is not saying.