Robot Neuro surgeon removes brain tumor in Canadian hospital

May 20, 2008

Although it is certainly not the first time that a robot surgeon, after the accession of new employees in a Canadian hospital, the history made, in Calgary. The doctors (human nature) have been able to use distance, an imaging and neuroArm remove a brain tumor in women of 21 years. Salué as the first procedure of this kind, the team has already taken a number of patients to receive surgery, hand and machine is given to his movements precise and delicate. Unfortunately for the poor, no wage increase (or extend holidays) is in sight.


Dean Kamen’s robo-arm awaits clinical trials !

February 2, 2008

Apparently, somewhere along the way Dean Kamen’s robo-prosthestesis has come to be called the arm Luke (care to guess why?), And in accordance with the standard IEEE Spectrum blog, it is gearing up to face the Food and Drug Administration trials pending final DARPA thumbs-up, who put the project in motion. Be sure to click on the rest of the profile of the development branch, which is well worth reading.