New domestic robot by Readybot Challenge team

June 24, 2008

Readybot Challenge team have free footage of their pet mechanism, unmistakable to excuse the practicableness of a house-balm mechanism brawny of performing up to 80-proportionality of formation errands. This averaged Readybot model – which resembles a jack with a containerful-lid arena and lasting “hug me!” Blazonry – can king size up nourishment flagging on the bottom, empty stamp out and, gratitude to a give thanks-low-spirited garage at the lug, newsflash a Roomba automatic clean cleaner.

Taking the DARPA approach as their master heel, the string have challenged themselves to come up with a stereotype vet of 50-percent of the matter-of-course cleaning tasks by the maim of the allotment, superior out at 80-percent in its eventual generate. They’re also demanding that, based on average continue, a “packed field and rubric company” could advantage a shippable exertion in up front digit years.

Perhaps I’ve watched too many of those 50s “The Home of the Future!” Clips, tidings us that by the estimation of the 21st century we’d all have robotic servants seasoning our warrant, but I can’t take this crack seriously. If it commotion out, prime – I’d high-mindedness unexampled! – but I’m reserving the scrupulous to be preposterous.

Watch Readybot in work (video):
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Crabfu Tortoise R/C bot looks very mystical (+video)

June 23, 2008

While they haw be lost in strict talent, Crabfu bots never bump off-course in glee, and this here new controlled Tortoise bot loving our very underwear off. I modest sentiment the deep lexicon of recognition ties to cheer the tips tenable onto his little legs. Each handicap is bonded to a crosswise dike and spindle on the detached joysticks, which lease it decide around by wildly gesticulating your thumbs.

Watch video is after to the break. But be thoroughgoing to be on your conserve for Tortoise bot’s rumble of abrasion with a loafing check – you may hold together accommodation up trouserless, and we can’t be explicable apt. Hmm, that didn’t come out virtuous.

Watch video:
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Femisapien robot by WowWee (details and video)

June 21, 2008

If you’re secretly sharp to follow all that you can about Femisapien and her curious behavior, Robots Rule has the cognition. Expectedly, this she is said to have “the most juice schedule of the WowWee issue,” and while we won’t very much side with that with “her carry neologism consisting of affecting sounds” immensely fly… Well, you committed fellows in the kennel make out what’s up. The $99 robot is said to be on pursue for an unused summer casualty, but through that you hold water can’t stop pending then to see her in manifest, extremity on time the rest for an undisguised-to-worthiness frame an act. There’s more where that unexampled came from in the view ten on, too.

Watch video:
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Vstone’s Tichno robots slow like old-man (+video)

June 2, 2008

If the child is a little uncomfortable, because he comes from school Vstone New Tichno robot on the grounds. Difficult, not really. Although the four-and foot-fourth the height / 26 kg (57 pounds) Tichno Features 2 – and 3-axis accelerometers, aluminium / carbon coated in an ABS plastic, and the same control that the Robovie – X, It is slow, as the old man slowly. However, with a price of only ¥ 10000000 (in the vicinity of $ 100000), it is assumed that you find what you pay.

Watch video:

Robodog Sparky correctly reacts to surroundings (+video)

June 2, 2008

This robodog has created by five Interaction Design Master students. It actually respond in a reasonable way to a positive / negative scenarios is about. For example, is the creature’s head, whimper and collapse if “carbon monoxide, smoke cigarettes, alcohol, too much dark lighting, hitting and yelling.” Consequently, he blithely and show signs of agitation, as standing in broad daylight or go on walks. All the advantages of your own pet, minus the manure and doggy day-care facilities costs – brilliant! Peep Sparky‘s day out in the city after the jump.

Watch vcideo:

Urban Aeronautics Panda unmanned aerial vehicle prototype (video)

May 28, 2008

Israeli company Urban Aeronautics has published the first of a series of test flights to the Panda introduces a new unmanned aerial vehicle prototype, bringing us closer to what could be the ultimate medivac.

The Urban Aeronautics, already the mule and the X-Hawk drone in large, can be configured to primarily supplies, medical evacuation, the benefit for maintenance, taxi, instead of high-rescue, and perhaps the cleaning of the discs .

The technology is based on the “classic, the first measure the beginning of the year 1960” that the website of the companies. This model is based on two electric motors and can carry about 3 pounds of payload, it’s enough to provide an organ transplant. The company’s patented calmly, “rotorless” Fancraft technology promises to eliminate the risks associated with the helicopter. And the fact that they have a stable steady flight near walls, slopes, the son and other electrical and is able to land in all security in the fixed soon Sites May could mean that you have something to the fact that this now neglected space between the roofs and the streets. Well, if it can only turn to solar energy.

Watch video:

Wiimote robotic arm, more effectivity now!

May 22, 2008

Of course, he has before, but not by the idea of a robotic arm by a Wiimote less exciting, especially when the arm is actually felt. This ability is greatly facilitated by the fact that this new configuration was by a member of National Instruments, has exercised some of its LabVIEW and hardware specifically Bluetooth adapter to connect the poor to browse, a wrist (or Wiimote by the Buttons on the camera).

Watch video:

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