Texas-based KumoTek Present KT-X Humanoid Robot Kit

May 29, 2008

Meny different humanoid robots have already made known Vstone presence in Japan, and it seems that now they are making their way here with a little help people of Texas-based KumoTek. They just announced their new line of KT series X-robots (apparently identical to Vstone of Robovie-X), including 13 KT-engine X-Lite, the engine 17-KT-X, and the engine 20 KT X-Gladiator, all of which are apparently aimed at the entire market and the price range of $ 990 to $ 1490. Like its Vstone coutnerpart, KT-X measure about 13 inches high, and can be controlled through a wireless PS2, but apparently it comes with the added advantage of education KumoTek the Robot PETS (Robots Promoting education in science) education system, which the company hopes to contribute to students in a broad career in robotics or mechanical.

ROBO Builder kit: build your own robot

May 26, 2008

All robot-builders certainly don’t have any shortage of kits to choose from these days, but this new self-descriptive ROBO Builder set looks to be a good deal more complete than most and, compared to the norm, is somewhat more reasonably priced. You can combine three different robots (known as Dino, Huno and Dogy) on the basis of the robot, which seemingly everyone can be programmed with various activities, or simply by a computer or on the remote control. You can also use your choice black or transparent kits, this last, in some offer much higher break-dancing skills. It is also much more expensive, with a cost of 660000 won ($ 630) compared to 450,000 ($ 430) for the basic version black.