LEGO Mindstorms celebrate the 10th anniversary and ready for Tuesday space launch

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of LEGO Mindstorms, a group of professors, inside-educate students, and corporate nerds will be launching some Mindstorms robots into near-distance. The High Altitude LEGO Extravaganza (HALE) predict will set the robots aloft in an atmospheric weather inflate briskly before sunrise this morning beyond of Reno, Nevada. About 100,000 feet (30km) the swell will burst and the robots will parachute back to terra firma collecting records and photographs along the way. One robot named Lil’ Joe will crack a world trace released-collapse clothed before deploying its parachute on a pre-programmed schedule. Mind you, the world release is attributable to Mindstorms NXT limitless-plummet, a name we assume is seized by your little brother sleeping upstairs.

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