Robo-Arm Copycat with instantly mimick

July 1, 2008

While thoughts-sway interfaces are all well and good, sometimes a simpler result makes a bit more discern, and that’s where this so-called Copycat Arm comes in. Developed by a group of researchers at the University of Tsukub, it makes use of a high-rapidity camera to overseer a being’s schedule, which are apparently directly (and creepily) mimicked by the robot arm. Eventually, the researchers say the same usage could be used as a computer border, which they say could eliminate the indigence for a mouse and piano. Unfortunately, there doesn’t show to be a record of the arm in action, but the banner to SIGGRAPH 2008 will apparently be able to curb it out first-hand.

Fluidhand emerges, i-LIMB hides in shames

April 23, 2008

Following the introduction of the world to beat, i-MEMBER prostheses from last year, Touch Bionics takes things in a different direction with a sense of competition “Fluid hand.” The new miniature hydraulic hand used to bend the fingers, and can better interact with objects – such as grasping things with irregular surfaces – that the five motor-i-Limb. Fludihand is also a natural that the current prostheses, to comment and stem the user can sense the power of hand. Fluid hand is currently only at the stage of the prototype, with a patient that day to test the two prostheses, one against the other in a battle in the death.

Updated: Sorry for the confusion, fluid hand by a certain researchers in Karlsruhe, Germany, not by touching bionics.

Dean Kamen’s "Luke" artificial arm gets demoed on video

February 7, 2008

It is still formal clinical trials, but Dean Kamen called “Luke” artificial arm already has its share of tests, we are now lucky to catch a glimpse of a new video courtesy of the folks at IEEE Spectrum Online. The same video also offers helpful a few more details on the arm, including word that they can be controlled through a variety of means, including foot pedals, nerves or muscles, and that it packs force feedback to give the carrier a reference to Grip strength, according Among other sci-fi-like things. Of course, all this does exactly the arm of the law, so be sure that you have the video on the link below to read, to see it for yourself in action.

View video!