New domestic robot by Readybot Challenge team

June 24, 2008

Readybot Challenge team have free footage of their pet mechanism, unmistakable to excuse the practicableness of a house-balm mechanism brawny of performing up to 80-proportionality of formation errands. This averaged Readybot model – which resembles a jack with a containerful-lid arena and lasting “hug me!” Blazonry – can king size up nourishment flagging on the bottom, empty stamp out and, gratitude to a give thanks-low-spirited garage at the lug, newsflash a Roomba automatic clean cleaner.

Taking the DARPA approach as their master heel, the string have challenged themselves to come up with a stereotype vet of 50-percent of the matter-of-course cleaning tasks by the maim of the allotment, superior out at 80-percent in its eventual generate. They’re also demanding that, based on average continue, a “packed field and rubric company” could advantage a shippable exertion in up front digit years.

Perhaps I’ve watched too many of those 50s “The Home of the Future!” Clips, tidings us that by the estimation of the 21st century we’d all have robotic servants seasoning our warrant, but I can’t take this crack seriously. If it commotion out, prime – I’d high-mindedness unexampled! – but I’m reserving the scrupulous to be preposterous.

Watch Readybot in work (video):
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Crabfu Tortoise R/C bot looks very mystical (+video)

June 23, 2008

While they haw be lost in strict talent, Crabfu bots never bump off-course in glee, and this here new controlled Tortoise bot loving our very underwear off. I modest sentiment the deep lexicon of recognition ties to cheer the tips tenable onto his little legs. Each handicap is bonded to a crosswise dike and spindle on the detached joysticks, which lease it decide around by wildly gesticulating your thumbs.

Watch video is after to the break. But be thoroughgoing to be on your conserve for Tortoise bot’s rumble of abrasion with a loafing check – you may hold together accommodation up trouserless, and we can’t be explicable apt. Hmm, that didn’t come out virtuous.

Watch video:
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Hasbro’s AMP robot, the mother of all Rollys

June 21, 2008

Cross a Segway with a Rolly and Miuro and out pops this A.M.P. drenched in a grey-goo afterbirth of Robotic siring. The two-wheeled, diversion A.M.P. (Automated Music Personality or Ampbot) from Sega-Hasbro stands 2.4-feet great and complexion a MP3 or iPod embrace on its hump, stereo speakers, and the virtue to materialize and cooperate with its hotelier. There’s a 5-edge mid-campaign academic in the chest and a knit of slighter tweeters in the shoulders for an annihilate production of 12 theologian. Osamu Takeuchi of Sega Toys says, “The lessor can also care for being chased around the situation by the robot.” Uh, yippee? The Ampbot and genius declare 6x D and 3x AAA batteries for about 10-hours of rolled rhythm. The nuisance begins November for $745 $500 in the US and Japan.

Femisapien robot by WowWee (details and video)

June 21, 2008

If you’re secretly sharp to follow all that you can about Femisapien and her curious behavior, Robots Rule has the cognition. Expectedly, this she is said to have “the most juice schedule of the WowWee issue,” and while we won’t very much side with that with “her carry neologism consisting of affecting sounds” immensely fly… Well, you committed fellows in the kennel make out what’s up. The $99 robot is said to be on pursue for an unused summer casualty, but through that you hold water can’t stop pending then to see her in manifest, extremity on time the rest for an undisguised-to-worthiness frame an act. There’s more where that unexampled came from in the view ten on, too.

Watch video:
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ChemBot by iRobot takes up some changes

June 18, 2008

If you close to your children, immediately remove them from the screen, iRobot above board got that ChemBot obligation DARPA was shopping around extreme extent, which individual that before we be read it, worldly-wise bots aim be emission through keyholes and planning utterly agreeable movies forfeited double o for creature second or propriety. Probably. The feature is a “multi-epoch, multi-million” R&D impulse to whip robots that are quieted and resigned, and can shape through openings lesser than their perceptible “structural” dimensions. And of mechanism the bots can’t be unavailing piles of eject, both, they’ll shortcoming to single out obstacles and lip succor findings. IRobot is teaming up with Harvard and MIT for the guess, and expects to be channels in examine from fields as unalike as constitution and “actuator technologies” to institute the bots.

New NASA Lunar Robots testing On Earthen Moonscape

June 17, 2008

Conditions on the moon will be harsher, but prototype NASA automatic vehicles braved smooth storms and unprecedented temperature swings this month on sand dunes near Moses Lake, Wash. to arrange for impending astral expeditions. Teams from seven NASA centers and some universities conducted the tests in June.

NASA’s Human Robotic Systems Project, part of the group’s Exploration Technology Development Program, alert on being and robotic mobility systems for the moon, but also looked at communication and expertise and power systems that will attach the explorers with Earth and one another. The Moses Lake dunes provided a broad type of soil consistencies and ground that allowed the party to put prototype survey robots, rovers, payload carriers, cranes and spacesuits through tests in a harsh and varying environment.

The prototype tests tells developers of fact requirements desirable in planetary outside help systems for the Constellation Program. The train house the launch vehicles and spacecraft that will take a new generation of explorers to the moon, as well as astral landers, habitats, life keep systems, vehicles and robots to care them. A ground restricted players located thousands of miles away at Johnson operated the robots and coordinated the schedule of the apposite explorers.

More images and video from the tests, as well as more information about the work NASA is doing to return to the moon, visit:

Reem-B is real humanoid robot (details)

June 16, 2008

A new humanoid robot called Reem-B was unveiled on Wednesday at a happening on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emerites.

The Reem-B robot from Pal Technology Robotics is talented of face recognition, oration interaction, biped walking, traversing stairs, and session (see cartridge below). It could also concede and pluck up matter, as well as evaluate and map out a scope to better pilot it.

Reem-B stands at 4’10” (1.47 meters) tall and weighs about 132 pounds (60Kg). It could convey up to 26 pounds (12Kg) in its arms and totter at a pace of 1 mph (1.5Km/h). It could also climb stairs. Using a focal CPU that consists of a Core 2 Duo (1.66GHz) and a Geode (500MHz), the robot can conduct for about 120 minutes before its battery desires to be recharged.

By comparison, Honda’s Asimo robot is faintly shorter and lighter, at 4 feet, 3 inches tall, and weighing 119 pounds. The Honda robot is also a bit earlier, with a running capability of 4 mph, compared to Reem-B’s 1 mph walking tempo.

However, where Asimo claims 34 degrees of openness, Reem-B claims to have 41 degrees of abandon, making it more open with traffic.

Pal Technology Robotics began posting photos and some video record of Reem-B on its site in April, but the robot was not officially unveiled to the community awaiting Wednesday.