Puppy vs. Roboquad: the ultimate fight show !

January 28, 2008

Ever wondered what would happen if you were in the pit Wowwee Roboquad against an excitable, silent puppy? Surprising no longer my friends, that the answer to this old question was captured on video – NES replete with sound effects and scoring 8 bits. Watch the battle for ultimate supremacy after the break … Our money is on the dog.

Crowd-monitoring humanoid helps lost mall patrons

January 28, 2008

We had our share of Robovies, and let’s just say we have a healthy fear of ’em. Having said that, we are pretty confident that we would come darn close to fainting or reacting violently creature should approach the photo above us while shopping ever. Nevertheless, this humanoid was apparently allowed to run amok at Universal Citywalk Osaka as the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute is testing its ability to interpret the signals from cameras, sensors and RFID readers, and to determine whether customers are thoroughly lost. When it recognizes an individual perplexed, he wheeled over, confirms their state of confusion and politely offers guidelines for the destination of their choice. But you could tell us a serious look at the eyes and not to completely forget where you were trying to go – we triple-dog dare you.

LawnBott LB3500 offers Bluetooth control !!!

January 28, 2008

IRobot may own the market for cleaning devices inside autonomous, but when it comes to tame the wild jungle that you call a rear, the new king of the hill, may well be the LawnBott LB3500. This fourth generation of LawnBott Kyodo America improves its predecessors in almost all categories: even though it weighs ten pounds less than the entry level LB2000, it offers greater coverage area, increasing the width of a cut greatly improved the ability climbing incline more Runtime, and in addition to a Bluetooth radio programming or controlled directly by cell phone. Of course, all these high-end features are not cheap, and when the LB3500 does reach the market (date: unknown), we imagine that it will cost much more than the current high-end, $ 2500 LB3200 . Check out the gallery below for more angles.

Please live you comment!!!

Walking Chair tests your dedication to laziness !!

January 28, 2008

Anyone can go to Office Depot and pick up a rolling office headquarters for fifty dollars, but it takes a true lazy person to shell almost $ 22000 for a seat at a very slow pace “walks” you in a good position to work. In fact, we doubt that the commercially available Walking Chair Vienna-based design studio Walking things is really built for sitting, it is more likely to be a asset to the ridiculous amount of disposable income that you pulling in. Each minimalist eight legs unit is assembled by hand policing, which means that you should wait at least six weeks to show your friends how little € 15000 ($ 21906) for you.

Robot Carnival: Robot Rumble !!

January 24, 2008

In the early competitions ROBO-ONE, there was always a “Rumble” competition featuring the top robots trying to beat each other quite out of the ring. It was a robot version of “King of the Hill” and “Last Man Standing,” and it was always a lot of fun.

Somewhere around 10 ROBO-ONE, the Rumble was removed from the range. But, fortunately, it is still a key element in the contest as independent Wonderful Robot Carnival. Last weekend, at the 4th Wonderful Robot Carnival, 40 + robots participated in the Rumble, even though they were divided into 4 groups individual because it would have been total chaos if they all tried to address both.

iRobot Defeats Rival in Lawsuit and Earns Big Military Contract !

January 24, 2008

You may remember our messages about the plight of iRobot, which had accused his ex-employee, Jameel Ahed, stealing their design, only to have the American army assigned a whopping $ 280 million contract said the former employee, and rejecting iRobot. Oh injustice!

Cry no more, other shareholders and Roomba lovers, because justice has been done! Unfortunately, the price of justice is a cool $ 2.9million dollars. But nobody has ever said that the good old “Lex Rex come cheap.

In addition to the lawsuits in the two judges in favour of rulling iRobot – a decision that FX Robotic had infringed the patent of iRobot, and the other holding that, Robotic FX stole proprietary information – Robotic FX will now be disbanded and its assets given for the payment of iRobot.

In a colony, Robotic FX will be dissolved and certain residual assets held by iRobot iRobot during the election. Ahed are prohibited from engaging in activities compete in the robotics industry for five years.

In response to the news, the US DoD awarded iRobot the $280 million dollar contract that was previously awarded to Robotic FX. While iRobot’s stock price has a long way to go from $ 24 to top it was before any of these events happened, the future is looking much brighter.

Strap-on robot suit takes the pain out of backbreaking farm work…

January 19, 2008

A robot designed to agree to take the backbreaking farm work factor in helping the movement of users has been unveiled here.

The robot costume “agriculture”, developed by a team of researchers led by Shigeki Toyama, a professor at the Higher School of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, has been tested on the farm. Researchers hope that the technology used in 2 years and turn it into a product and start selling it in four years.

Clothing, which is secured with belts, consists of a resin with eight engines to assist the movement of the knees, elbows, lower back and shoulders, which makes it easier to work farm.

By pulling a Japanese radish, for example, approximately 20 kg of instant pressure is exerted on the knees and lower back, but when you use the robot costume, only about half of the force is used.

“As the age of farmers is increasing, I wanted to develop a technology that would ease their burden,” said Toyama.

While the machines are increasingly being used to cultivate farmland and rice plants, the power of the man is still often used for tasks such as fruit picking and size, and the transportation of crops. During a demonstration, a graduate student easily picked up 20 kilos of rice.

“It feels almost as if I am holding it,” he says with a smile.

You can program the robot tailored to fit the type of work. With the use of an ultrasonic motor independently developed, the weight of the equipment can be reduced to about 8 kg. Sensors and wireless devices enabling monitoring of the person bringing the suit and allow people to communicate even when they are not working together.

The projected cost for each series is between 500000 and 1 million yen, but the developers expect to be able to reduce the price by about 200000 yen per costume if they can mass produce the product when it is sold.