Clever Space Robots Will Explore Universe by 2020

We owe a great apportion of gratitude to the robots that get up every morning to explore far reaches of the universe that we humans are just incapable of hall on. Nevertheless there’s still the hitch of we humans having to tell these stuff what to do from our humble laboratories here on Earth. The brilliantly named Wolfgang Fink, a physicist and older researcher at the California Institute of Technology, has devices to remedy said dilemma by creating autonomous spacecrafts “that will be able to analyze data about points of relevance as it passes and then make cursory decisions about what needs to be investigated.” In essence, he’s looking to detach the Earthlings from the equation, which would enable smart robots to explore on their own and probably detect new pools of purified water, REEM-B’s long flummoxed siblings or the heartfelt most innovative NES-in-a-suchlike mod. 2020 people, indicator it down.


One Response to Clever Space Robots Will Explore Universe by 2020

  1. jolly roger says:

    A E I O U Robot

    Asmio is our bestest best robot at the moment. It looks like a backpacking astronaut, don’t even talk. What’s all this about?

    And what the hell is Robosapien. It meanders ineptly in a finite simulation of a constipated pensioner; it should be on an American football team’s reject bench whisking Gatorade with those hands. His limited dialogue consists of belching and gorilla warbles. This is “The robot that thinks it’s a human!” He’s not even as useful as a cup holder. Robosapien crushes your cup. Everything this thing does has to be pressed by a dejected adolescent.

    These two aren’t the ones I want. No one should want these, they’re expensive fraudsters. Robots shouldn’t have remote controls and need a technician every two nanoseconds, my robots, “are alive, Stephanie.”

    The technological singularity intends to solve this for everyone, well kind of. Imagine Asmios great, great grandchild, Miasmo. Miasmo’s brainy. It’s the equivalent of an amphetamine addled Jeremy Paxman brain incased in carbon fibre. With that power and intelligence he could theoretically build an improved version of himself. That one builds another super version and ten generations later the robots themselves have to design new names to replace begger-mega-stupendee-owso while we have become the best polishers in the galaxy.

    This prediction has a lot of people in a flutter. Ok step back, right you know building robots that make better and better robots unrestricted by our meddling psyches is a leap of misunderstanding. We humans historically fuck with anything and everything until it’s redundant or shit and redundant. Simply, It won’t work because we’re a part of it.

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