DS-controlled robot works six different ways

February 5, 2008

Of course, we have seen bots DS before, but some young people in France have control over the whole question of the “next level.” Apparently six students in genius has decided to move quickly on a IA Robot (open, modular, as Roomba-bot), the collection of dust, and the most important DS controls in his little brain. The end result is a multi-platform control of the implementation is based entirely on the portable console from Nintendo, which provides wireless control of the robot with the pad, touch screen, motion sensors, trains and pen, so that a target group Super Mario 64 DS, and the voice commands on the system of the microphone. The video you can after the break to see the little guy in action, but you should avoid the gaze, when he himself aware, the people are so ineffective, and will kill an angry-angry.