Panasonic robot powered on EVOLTA batteries can climbs

May 26, 2008

This is not a little, like a good tip robots in connection with the advertising by the heart poundin on a Sunday. For your examination, Panasonic robot offered a small 7-inch robot by AA batteries EVOLTA who like to pass on a seven-clock cable increase of more than 1700 vertical easy walk to the Grand Canyon. Fine, we Panasonic, hemorrhoids last EVOLTA all in one – you can now stop the lovable little robot in the risk to consider.


SRI International’s wall-climbing robot cling to nearly any building material !

May 21, 2008

Almost all robots that we have seen recently have been targeted in carrying out human-like tasks or simply too adorable to scared, but SRI International wall-climbing robot is doing its best to save a little terror in the bot game, using something called “electro-accession” to cling to almost all building materials and climb with surprising speed. Electro-accession is relatively low, apparently power, and SRI researchers claim that bots can even climb walls are covered with dust or debris other.

Robots and fruit fly flight simulator…

April 28, 2008
Just do not know how, we are only prepared to ordinary people, or even to give the robot wise enough to completely beyond our society? ยป Strange, some of the brain power may come from learning approach, the fruit fly, ah, to fly. A completely strange flight simulator in the Caltech, in fact, play “the scene:” Fly the reaction, and taking into account the fruit fly is held constant, researchers can work closely together to study how insects to stay away from trying to line out The bubble and all manner of incoming obstacles. These work and the installation shows that these studies may one day help the robot function more independently, may take some load off of our human labor. We know that you have three bold letters and a question mark, running through your noggin right now – as long as the press read link to see what it’s all about.

Aeryon Scout Camera – Robot Overhead and Follows You

April 21, 2008

We saw this a few days ago, but passed on it because we were confident that we had seen before – here. But despite the similarities in appearance, there is a big difference: “Aeryon Scout” is an aircraft, not just a remote-controlled toy.

A Scout is made of four foam rings connected by a rotor in the center, according Inventor Spot. The camera is attached to the bottom so you can take aerial satellite as a miniature – or at least with a greater range and control as a rocket or mini-chopper cams.

But for an estimated $ 30000 $ 50000 price range, it is probably a bit higher than the average of your harasser can afford. Unless, of course, the paparazzi and celebrity babies are involved.

Climbing robot Capuchin: its way into your nightmares (video)

March 21, 2008

As if this were not enough, creepy crawly robots there is already a team of researchers from Stanford University have now los this small number, which they hope will one day shows his climbing skills on Mars. Dubbed Capuchins, the bot is a follow-up to the Lemur robot built by the same team, and promises to climb walls about 40 times faster than the older ones. To achieve this, the researchers have apparently not a big mechanical changes, but employs an advanced computer program that carries the bot’s every movement. More specifically, how NewScientist reported, the software uses a sophisticated load-balancing system, which the bot distributes the weight evenly on his arms and legs and improved stability when climbing. As you can see for themselves and the video after the break, which seems to work remarkably well, even if we still do not trust it as a partner for your next expedition climbing.