Military iRobot can be modified for peaceful purposes

July 1, 2008

Besides an estimated snowball in sales to the U.S. services, iRobot says it will see advance in its unmanned robot platforms from alien buyers.

The “Unmanned Systems Roadmap 2007-2032,” a bang put out by the Department of Defense last year, outlined an approach to foster costs in unmanned technology for the air, sea, and ground.

iRobot, which has already been supplying the U.S. armed with unmanned robots for use in ground reconnaissance and combat, has repeatedly said it will profit from the military’s improved penury. Nevertheless the troupe now says that as its robots have proven themselves practical in Iraq and Afghanistan, advantage from unknown armed forces has also better.

iRobot has sold robots from its line of unmanned military drones internationally to 13 aligned countries, with Australia, Gemany, Israel, and the United Kingdom, since 2006, Joe Dyer, head of iRobot’s Government & Industrial Robots category, told reporters in a Web conference Wednesday.

The international souk consisted of only a handful of robots sold in 2006, but about 8 percent or 9 percent of iRobot’s utter revenue for unmanned robots in 2007. This year, iRobot estimates that its foreign promote will increase to about 15 percent of its equal revenues for its government and industrial split, according to Dyer.


ChemBot by iRobot takes up some changes

June 18, 2008

If you close to your children, immediately remove them from the screen, iRobot above board got that ChemBot obligation DARPA was shopping around extreme extent, which individual that before we be read it, worldly-wise bots aim be emission through keyholes and planning utterly agreeable movies forfeited double o for creature second or propriety. Probably. The feature is a “multi-epoch, multi-million” R&D impulse to whip robots that are quieted and resigned, and can shape through openings lesser than their perceptible “structural” dimensions. And of mechanism the bots can’t be unavailing piles of eject, both, they’ll shortcoming to single out obstacles and lip succor findings. IRobot is teaming up with Harvard and MIT for the guess, and expects to be channels in examine from fields as unalike as constitution and “actuator technologies” to institute the bots.

iRobot intros the Verro 100 and 500 poolbots

March 5, 2008

The folks at iRobot updated Verro pool-cleaning robots much to the chagrin of our pool boys, Philip, which is his foot papers next week. The new models 100 and 500 at the current 300 and 600, to cover a wide range of price ranges, and probably at most – if not all – the demanding standards of the Clean Water body. The 100 comes to the low-end of the spectrum at $ 399, when they can go and clean flat-bottomed pool you throw their way, the Rolls-Royce of poolbots, 500, it gets floors and walls equally to 999 dollars. Of course, you will not know that something – you’ll be busy lounging, working on your tan, and attempts to find out whether you want the Bentley Brooklands or Azure (hint: the Azure).

iRobot garners award for DARPA LANdroids initiative

March 5, 2008

Get ready, battlefields, yet another iRobot is gearing up to you all in the storm. Did today announced the above outfit received an award under the DARPA LANdroids program, allowing them to “develop a new communications relay portable robot, which is small, inexpensive, robust and intelligent.” The resulting creature is reported to be in “dense urban environments to quickly implement and maintain a vital communications infrastructure, and better still, they are hard enough for the position and intelligent enough to” self-identify obstacles and to avoid during navigation. “Unfortunately, it appears that the conclusion of the project is said that a few more years, but we can always antsy soldiers saw that they never be forced to say “can you hear me now ?” again.