Army orders 24 new sentry-bots, Judgment Day moved up two months

February 29, 2008

Of course, you laughed yesterday when you heard Professor Noel Sharkey warn against impending apocalyptic man vs. machine battle that was to come, but it can receive news that you sing a different song. A pilot program in Nevada employing robotic sentinels of the patrol Hawthorne Army Depot is an update: 24 brand new MDARS called drones, or “Mobile Detection and Assessment and Response System.” The purchase of $ 40 million will nab Army diesel robots which operate at speeds of up to 20 km / h, the use of RFID tags to keep track of locks and barriers, and can operate for 16 hours without refueling. Although robots have been tested with automatic weapons, these new versions will be equipped with non-lethal weapons, making them much less deadly when Skynet is online.

Researchers working to teach creepy baby robot to talk !

February 29, 2008

iCub The robot was already well for itself in the department creepiness, but a group of researchers at the University of Plymouth are now working on the things take a big step forward by the so-called “baby-robot” to speak (as it is against the teachings of baby talk). The alleged to be in the next four years, the period in which the researchers are working together with specialists in the development of language, which usually examine the way in which their parents to the children to speak. Finally, they hope that the robot is capable of fulfilling the tasks as a basis for the accumulation of blocks of wood, and in a position to the names of objects and actions, that he spoke basis of the records, such as: “Robot uses Stock Cube, “or” I want more life, the father. “Who is more, it is that the research has not even started, one of the teachers, as nothing less than a milestone, saying that” the results of Research for the establishment of scientific and technological needs for the development of humanoid robots to develop the capacity complex behaviors, thinking and communication skills through learning and the individual’s Social Committee. “Unless the robot that receives some ideas, which he owned, it is not saying.

Readybot cleans your kitchen!!

February 29, 2008

We want one. Scratch that: We need a. Check out this ridiculously cuisine super-cleaning robot called Readybot – if that is what the future of robot resembling slavery, we sign. The creators, which is part of a group called the homebrew Readybot Robot Challenge, are dedicated to the search for a breakthrough application for the consumer robotics, and team leader Tom Benson said, the answer is simple: “We believe that people want a robot that can clean the kitchen. “Uh, yes. dishwasher-size prototype Readybot is now possible to do a little less than half of your kitchen chores, but he says Benson will eventually reach 80 percent – which represents about 100 percent more than we are currently doing. Falling in love with the video after the break.

Professor decries robotic killing machines, clearly prefers to do killing himself

February 28, 2008

So, the military is continuing on the path of the inevitable completely computer controlled autonomous robo-warriors capable of combating the deadly battles of man on our behalf – and future opponents Sheffield U prof like Noel Sharkey, , the ethics of autonomous military systems conference in London, decried by bots “self-determined killing abilities as” a threat to humanity “- especially if they are captured and re-offered by the terrorists to do their evil bidding. Sharkey exclaimed that he is “working in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot to make decisions regarding the termination of man terrifies [him]”, but – and we just it will throw out there – if they are oppressed by a race of machines run amok were actually an improvement over our governments corrupt men? Is it not a possibility, too? We will certainly continue to say that this is in some way recognizing that we managed not to be toppled by our own creations. So far.

P.S. We dare you, commentators, NOT bust welcoming our robot lords cliché.

Real Robocop – Homegrown security bot heckles vagrants

February 28, 2008

Rufus Terrill’s sturdy robot hand is on average more than your friend drinking water – in fact, four feet in height, 300 pounds Robotic Security Protection his work makes to the vandals and vagrants marring the streets of Atlanta. The inventor is an engineer-turned-bar owners who are tired of dinghies and thieves to drag his company shocked. Instead of asking experts, he builds a robot with a remote control, Flash, can be used with a projector, respiratory and to resist the water, but also the most difficult 40 ounce. Beverage cans, which inevitably its way. Better still, it can even speak to the creature, and apparently, his series of tactical scaremongering was effective enough on this day. Speak to protect and serve.

Toshiba’s 815T PB on Softbank threatens humanity!

February 28, 2008

We want this kind of wrong was – provisional, and we are very pleased that it is not – but you can not help but be a little bit to think that the Toshiba 815T freaked DB on Softbank, developed to a new review to the Star (you have guessed, It) robo phones called Ketai Sousakan 7th Yeah Yeah, QVGA, 3G, 3.2-megapixel camera, which is very good, but our latent fear of cancer cell in the brain just getting out of the window.

Solar-powered dragonfly !

February 26, 2008

Make no mistake, our hearts are floating when we finally attended the WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly buzzing about, but there is something about this creature that we really earn more. Designed and built by James G. Watt, the insect robot reportedly includes a number of solar cells that provide enough power in sunlight to the critter’s wings flap. Granted, we are not told whether it is powerful enough to deliver the notes of love mathematics courses, but we are digging the concept, whatever.