New killer bots by Disney and WowWee team

April 30, 2008

You need some irony and the anxiety – battered the diet, this morning? » Expansion to try some of this. Disney and Pixar are set to release their latest animation heavy bomb, wall-E, this summer. Under the premise, the film finds that the wall-E (waste load allocation of take-off and landing – the earth level) clean the earth’s trash, rampant, without the consumer to check the planet uninhabitable. Therefore, how to promote their film? » Do you understand it, they launched a new line, the plastic wall of the E-type robot development partnerships, and wowwee and thinkway toys, which no child may Huobuxiaqu. The final wall to the list of 190 U.S. dollars, launched this summer and 10 motor function, remote control, and a large number of sensors to avoid obstacles and respond to touch, feel the ironic mockery of its own existence. BOT basis, will be joined by 25 yuan idance wall – e (I think on the species) and 40 yuan flytech Tingkebeier when they make their first time on May 29 in San Mateo in the manufacturers faire.


New Israel’s Guardium Warbots [video]

April 30, 2008

We have seen a couple of armed defense roaming, so that the scene now – the U.S. military or even a couple deployed in Iraq – but the promotional video for the 600,000 U.S. dollars gu ardium robots has recently commissioned by Israel is not entirely A terrible demonstration of the strength of roots. Not only to do so, so that the old school, CRT display offers a warning intruders, noncompliant, all of the BOT, it seems that we can do is sneeze out white smoke cloud. Awesome. Perhaps these things to play better defense contractor in the Convention, but some tell us that a real angry dog may be a little more effective. Check the video below.

Modular, shape-shifting robots get right back up to creep you out (video)

April 30, 2008

We have seen a number of modular, has been re-robot, but it does not ‘in any less disturbing, especially when we see them do their thing on video. You can see for themselves after the break, this latest batch of robots from the University of Pennsylvania seems to be sufficient capacity, and in addition they can be kicked out of the way and find their own re-assembled, although a bit slow. That’s done with the assistance of the cameras, aimed at a unique Blinkin ‘lights another robot, it can dock with the use of some magnets, and then started to search for other BOT are again, finally forming a little unstable walking machine (Please be sure to adhere to and video ‘to the end of the year).

Unbelievable, Festo AirJelly flies through the air with the greatest of ease (video)

April 29, 2008

We have to explain this matter, but we really have problems to consider our immediate take-off, it long enough to string together a number of fully serve their sentences. Festo illustrates the AirJelly by some magical properties of the jelly fish, a lithium-ion batteries, an electric motor and a helium. If this is not floaty enough, you also have water version, aquajelly. Videos are, for a rest.

Robots and fruit fly flight simulator…

April 28, 2008
Just do not know how, we are only prepared to ordinary people, or even to give the robot wise enough to completely beyond our society? » Strange, some of the brain power may come from learning approach, the fruit fly, ah, to fly. A completely strange flight simulator in the Caltech, in fact, play “the scene:” Fly the reaction, and taking into account the fruit fly is held constant, researchers can work closely together to study how insects to stay away from trying to line out The bubble and all manner of incoming obstacles. These work and the installation shows that these studies may one day help the robot function more independently, may take some load off of our human labor. We know that you have three bold letters and a question mark, running through your noggin right now – as long as the press read link to see what it’s all about.

Homemade security ‘bum bot’ turns up on the Colbert Report (video)

April 28, 2008

Oh bum bot. We remember that when you hand in the fresh creators rufus terrill. Now look at you – Featured on c olbert report. You may have seen the photo, this Rangers – to deter robot before, but you did not live to see you play hard, in-depth reports that Stephen colbert provide it. Take a look at the video after the break to see a defender of America (and bot) on the front lines of battle.

Japan’s oldest robot writes poetry and moving his person (video)

April 25, 2008

Japan’s oldest “modern” robot with 10 feet, 6 inches g akutensoku-have been awakened in Japan. Gone are the inflatable rubber of the original 1928 Android company established by biologists-Nishimura. Use of BOT, now tilted, its head, moves his eyes and a smile, and puffs his cheeks thank the 1.2 million U.S. dollars, computer-controlled, pneumatic servo outlook. But not compared to his modern descendants, gakutensoku we can still creep the hell. Renovation of Osaka on display at the Science Museum, July 18. After the video, rest a while.