Femisapien robot by WowWee (details and video)

If you’re secretly sharp to follow all that you can about Femisapien and her curious behavior, Robots Rule has the cognition. Expectedly, this she is said to have “the most juice schedule of the WowWee issue,” and while we won’t very much side with that with “her carry neologism consisting of affecting sounds” immensely fly… Well, you committed fellows in the kennel make out what’s up. The $99 robot is said to be on pursue for an unused summer casualty, but through that you hold water can’t stop pending then to see her in manifest, extremity on time the rest for an undisguised-to-worthiness frame an act. There’s more where that unexampled came from in the view ten on, too.

Watch video:


5 Responses to Femisapien robot by WowWee (details and video)

  1. tanner says:

    i want that robot

  2. tanner says:

    i like the video

  3. tanner says:

    what battries does she need?

  4. tanner says:

    i guess its unknown until she is out on the market

  5. Laura says:

    when is Femisapien
    coming to the UK?

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