Reem-B is real humanoid robot (details)

A new humanoid robot called Reem-B was unveiled on Wednesday at a happening on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emerites.

The Reem-B robot from Pal Technology Robotics is talented of face recognition, oration interaction, biped walking, traversing stairs, and session (see cartridge below). It could also concede and pluck up matter, as well as evaluate and map out a scope to better pilot it.

Reem-B stands at 4’10” (1.47 meters) tall and weighs about 132 pounds (60Kg). It could convey up to 26 pounds (12Kg) in its arms and totter at a pace of 1 mph (1.5Km/h). It could also climb stairs. Using a focal CPU that consists of a Core 2 Duo (1.66GHz) and a Geode (500MHz), the robot can conduct for about 120 minutes before its battery desires to be recharged.

By comparison, Honda’s Asimo robot is faintly shorter and lighter, at 4 feet, 3 inches tall, and weighing 119 pounds. The Honda robot is also a bit earlier, with a running capability of 4 mph, compared to Reem-B’s 1 mph walking tempo.

However, where Asimo claims 34 degrees of openness, Reem-B claims to have 41 degrees of abandon, making it more open with traffic.

Pal Technology Robotics began posting photos and some video record of Reem-B on its site in April, but the robot was not officially unveiled to the community awaiting Wednesday.


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