A.R.E.S. Telepresence Tank-Robot gets commands via WiFi

As if you had any dispute to consider that killbots weren’t multiplying by the thorough, here’s yet another container to assail panic in your kindness. Project A.R.E.S. was intended with a few key goals in opinion: to swap person soldiers and to demonstrate that the weapons system could be controlled wirelessly / vaguely. The designers also set out to “impart a form of pointer so that the customer could steer the robot lacking actually being dowry,” and the existing type has been equipped with a partially-routine steeple and a wireless camera to give the controller a good outlook of the surroundings. We don’t get the idea that this bugger has enlisted just yet (wader camp is a bore, you know), but be trusty and verify out the video of it prancing about after the recoil.


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