Urban Aeronautics Panda unmanned aerial vehicle prototype (video)

Israeli company Urban Aeronautics has published the first of a series of test flights to the Panda introduces a new unmanned aerial vehicle prototype, bringing us closer to what could be the ultimate medivac.

The Urban Aeronautics, already the mule and the X-Hawk drone in large, can be configured to primarily supplies, medical evacuation, the benefit for maintenance, taxi, instead of high-rescue, and perhaps the cleaning of the discs .

The technology is based on the “classic, the first measure the beginning of the year 1960” that the website of the companies. This model is based on two electric motors and can carry about 3 pounds of payload, it’s enough to provide an organ transplant. The company’s patented calmly, “rotorless” Fancraft technology promises to eliminate the risks associated with the helicopter. And the fact that they have a stable steady flight near walls, slopes, the son and other electrical and is able to land in all security in the fixed soon Sites May could mean that you have something to the fact that this now neglected space between the roofs and the streets. Well, if it can only turn to solar energy.

Watch video:


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