Video: Grasshoppper "robot": new record in high-jumping

Although proud of having everything that is not exactly that many characteristics such as robots, Grasshopper Bot inspired by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is apparently enough to claim a robot, the top of the jump record, he could enter the hand to jump 27 times his own height. This was with the help of a machine, originally designed to handle the vibrations a pager unit, which in this case the winds of two metal springs, which ultimately liberate and in the spring Bot 5 cm high in the air. What if he did not have all the resources to manage itself, or even land on his feet just yet, the scientists behind the finally offered hope that some solar cells, sensors and a microprocessor, what they say could one day enable swarms of ‘ em explore in the disaster area, or even hop on their way to the surface of other planets.

Watch video:


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