CHRIS project: Robot in your Kitchen

We are not sure what now with the sudden outbreak of new EU and EC-funded robotics research, but we will not refuse the help, robotics kitchen, to say hello, then the cooperative by the people Robot Interaction System (CHRIS ) Project, the objective of a robot is able to safely work with the people. According to the researchers, this plan is “to develop the rules that we need, over the introduction of this high level of development in the service of the robots, in close cooperation with the People” and to this end have already built several prototypes and began to test the scenarios, like a robot how to react should a worker accidentally splashed water from the man with the warm soup, or, as the facial expressions and tones of voice. It is good for us – we are sure, an army deathbots can not cause damage to soup – but we will assure us of the population to chop, k?


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