Riding Robot RINGBO for kids (+video)

Why is this child so happy? This is because it takes the constituency RINGBO robot by the horns! See its joy, as the cruises a set of time, an extravagant 2MPH? Hey, it has lasted only six hours to save costs. RINGBO by the Cor-like joysticks, and we can only hope that the front panel includes an infrared receiver – that is the parents about the time of joy, as they take the children to their direction. RINGBO by Airrobot this week Koreannovation Trade Show in New York, so we will not fail to bring our offspring, as he did for children aged 2-3 and up to 66lbs. We simply want to know two things: how, and you can cheat the 66lb weight limit? Maybe just a little? C’mon. You want your mind completely blown? Watch video bellow.


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