Robots prepare you fiery cocktail at San Francisco

At a Friday evening preview of the Roboexotica event in San Francisco, which will take place on Saturday, Simone Davalos’ cocktail robot “El Espanol Baracho” is her special elixir to a Spanish coffee. Roboexotica, the target has taken place a decade in Vienna , Austria, and is visiting San Francisco, is an exhibition of robots to mix and serve cocktails.

SAN FRANCISCO – Since I was one of the first people to arrive Friday evening for a preview of this weekend’s cocktail robot exhibition here, I went to the first drink.

David Calkins, one of the organisers of the San Francisco version of Roboexotica – an event that was held in Vienna, Austria, in a decade – had set his robots, Chapek, exactly, she was ready, asked me to say that Machine, what I wanted to drink.

This was, of course, Calkins had ended Chapek ready to go.

“Let’s see whether it up and exploded,” he said, “it has in the past.”

He flicked a switch and Chapek was ready.

“Hey,” he said, satisfied. “It was not so.”

Chapek, named after Karel Capek, coined the term “robot” is a small robot with a mischievous face, wiry metal weapons, and an attached control box, where you say what kind of cocktail you want to mix it up and you.


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