Wow, Robotic squirrel used to study real-life squirrel behavior

Most of the squirrels on our university campuses was a large-scale, super-smart small mammals were best dealt with by the alert, avoid, but it looks like New Hampshire, University Professor Sarah partan are taking the opposite approach, the use of Robot squirrel named as the “Rocky” interaction with the local rodents close. Rock is to control the wireless from a laptop computer, and can effectively move his tail and body to communicate with other squirrels, and squirrels play pre-recorded noise from the built-in speaker. The goal is to study how the animals communicate, it looks like a good rock – the local squirrels, seem to respond to him, just like any other. This is a very impressive to build, operate and transfer (or very weak, squirrels, depending on your point of view), but we are only waiting for partan and her team found an alarming fact: squirrels They are really learning.


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