Robots to swarm English village in huge contest (article)

A village in England, the host, a robot cache to cache exercise next month, when 11 teams from the private companies and universities in the competition for “sniffer” elite shooters, bombs on the roadside, and other dangers by all Real-time images to a job in the command structure.

The Grand Challenge MOD, as it is called, is like the British Ministry of Defence with his counterparts from the United States DARPA challenges, with the exception of its robot soldiers, who are in competition, one against the other robots instead of cars.

The goal is to promote the development of small teams of robots capable of screening and to warn the troops in potentially dangerous surprises on the battlefield urban development. The robots must autonomously negotiate complex, an unknown terrain, and the space required to locate urban threats. The resulting points are depending on the number of threats discovered in an hour. The points will be lost if a team has on the remote control to its intention robot at any time.

A team Stellar Consortium, uses two drones with thermal, visual and radar sensors to monitor the village. The data are then used a small robot on the grounds.

The Swarm Systems Team covering eight batteries, GPS guidance, Frisbee-size, propeller-engine air vehicles (MAVs) called “Owl”. These robots in the air and steady flight of birds, like the arrows at the same time communicate with another and a base station with Wi-Fi

The highest number of points team gets a shot at a lucrative contract MOD and a chance to see his system working in Afghanistan or in southern Iraq.


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