Robotic soccer players would play with real humans in 2050

As for the people on earth if we do not have enough worries, with more than robots from every corner of the globe, may install a silent offensive, beyond our community and ownership of our land, and now we are faced with a startling realization, even if Our sporting events are not safe from subterfuge. In the seventh annual RoboCup in the German Open, groups of teams to decline after the soccer field, in order to compete in robot soccer only, uh, football. Frankly, everything seems fine and Dundee, until we reached a quote from the one Stefan kohlbrecher, Darmstadt Technical University of Darmstadt dribblers team: “Our goal is a robot competition in the human world Champion and robots, to 2050. ” Interestingly, we should be fornicating with the androids from the same year. Michael Stipe clues, please.


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