Giant Lunar Robots could carry NASA lunar bases on their backs

NASA engineers are testing a giant, six foot robot may rebound, and made the future moon base thousands of kilometres entire surface of the moon, the astronauts to explore the area around far more than just landing site.

In 2005 the report on its exploration plan, NASA said that they hope to set up a base in fixed locations on the Moon, human beings are the first elections in 2020.

However, the huge robot vehicle called the athletes (all-terrain hex legs in extra-curricular ground Explorer) will probably change. Measuring about 7.5 metres wide, with more than 600 meters long legs, the robot can take action, basically like a turtle, carrying astronauts around the living quarters on its back.

This is the design engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, United States, are also testing two small-scale prototype robot.

15 tons of astronauts living quarters, or habitat, can be installed in the athletes before, sent to the moon, the moon landing. This will solve a major problem for NASA – how to enhance the Habitat well-off landing, the cargo area, can sit down to six meters above the ground, and set it in an ideal position.

Athletes of the wheels of a nuclear warhead so long legs, “This is just the right measures to take off, and payload anywhere you want, said:” Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Brian Wilcox of the persons in charge of athletes项


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