Robot creates 3D map of silver mine by Laser Scanning

Apparently Mexico is the place to be if you are using a laser-robot with 3D Digitizing on the brain. Only 11 months after the underwater robotics DepthX assigned to El Zacatón cénote, 3D-R1 was able to collect more than 5 GB card data to 3.5 days, which was then for the creation of a “complete 3D – The mining underground mining.” The mine is in the issue of the San Jose silver mine in Mexico, and in the allocation of robots scooted over approximately 2.2 km subway readers and ramps to carry out scans over 240th There is no word if the mechanical creature is on the map for all the other corners of the world, but in view of the accuracy, in this through the design, we do not expect all such holidays.


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