Researchers develop robotic tweezers that can grasp single cells

Normally, when we talk about the power of the robot gripper, it is associated with the slowly crushed to death when a violent uprising of the robots, but it now seems that we are afraid our bodies away, Flown, so cell by cell. This is the terrible reality of his life, at the University of Toronto, where the researchers by Sun Yu and his team have in the semi-autonomous robot-tweezers, can affect microscopic sense and the power grip strength enough sharpness to take and move Cells in the heart of the various trials, without the taint. The tiny construction is just .1 inch in length, and the pincers at the ends so small that collect cell only 10 microns wide. So far, they organize the cells were during the tests, but finally Yu said that they can be used to secure the assembly of parts of silicon on maps of circuits, or even tissue engineering. Not a word about the time when this for the production to beat, but if they do Yu said that he hoped that this will cost only $ 10 each. At least the Revolution will be cheap, we appreciate.


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