Sega Toys feat ZMP team up for Miuro-like Music Robot ODO

ZMP examination miuro may have done the overall music player, and rolling robot thing, even before Sony’s rolly stole the spotlight, but it has minor shortcomings, costing nearly 1,000 yuan. The company now looks to change this situation, however, and its joining hands with the release of Sega Toys slightly scaled-down back, but a cheaper version of the iPod dock, now known as Music robot Fukuoka hotel. Among other things, this decline in the built-in WiFi and camera miuro, although it does pit, said that liquid crystal displays in Fukuoka hotel “feeling” because of its dance, and you do a remote control, in order to maintain straying too far from. No word on the release of ’round these parts, of course, but these can be stopped in Japan, one, it is not unreasonable costs 15,540 yen, or about 150 yuan.


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