Little Robot in Big Man: robot inside a robot (video)

What did the big robot to say, the little robot? “Take Me belly!” At least, that is how this amazing robot works. Larger-than-life wood and metal robot has a tiny robot inside her intestine, and it looks like he is the real brains of the operation.

Little Big Man robot by 2008 Nemo Gould

Little Big Man 2008 is the offspring of mechanical sculptor Nemo Gould was known for his incredible kinetic creations constructed from post-consumer junk.

The eponymous “Big Man” is a height of 8 feet robots made from found objects including a vintage radio cabinet, street lamp poles, vacuum cleaner parts, industrial food processing, wood, the chair legs, dining-room table, floor polisher, and a variety of scrap metal, engines and other parts.

The “Little Man” is in the belly of the beast, working at the controls of his unwitting host. As it takes its levers, giant mouth opens and closes with a huge bite. Discover the video clip below to see the robot sculpture in motion.

Nemo has compiled a brief video showing some of the backstage action as it built its amazing mechanical creations.


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