New 2009 Sarcos XOS exoskeleton presented

We sold (slightly terrified) sarcos also XO exoskeletons, from the time we first saw it flaunt their superhuman ability to film in the end of last year, but if you can not get enough of it, you sure will be properly would play an increasingly reliable scientific popularization, it is now completely blown out things and integrity of the story behind the suit and completion of a number of significant new photos. If this were not enough, it also includes some sidelights repertoire some sarcos’ future plans, including word that the Army plans have begun field tests on the XO, in 2009, and that the company intends to launch new research projects this summer The task is the development of a new generator, the lawsuit will be able to drive “, in a time.” Of course, there are many more in the six characteristics, we are unable to conclude that here, so we hit the link below full story.


One Response to New 2009 Sarcos XOS exoskeleton presented

  1. James Smith says:

    The biggest obstacle to these is the power supply. To be able to exert the kind of forces that would make these attractive, you have to have a portable power supply capable of holding that much energy. Until something better than battery packs or small generators requiring a heavy fuel load are developed, these are still interesting toys.

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