Robots filling jobs en masse in Japan

We have in the think tanks to formulate some provisions quite unbelievable, but the machine industry Memorial Foundation is not too far removed from his last evaluation. This is an indication that the jobs for 3.5 million people in Japan are not closed with the young people, but with the mechanical creatures in the year 2025. Currently, the population in Japan is falling, and the proportion of people over 65 years of age and not more permanent dent; analysts reiterated that the nation savings of about 2.1 trillion yen ($ 21 billion) in contributions to the security of people until 2025, when they embarked on a robot (instead of Man) for monitoring the health of all in geriatrics. Of course, Japan has been the creation of robots around our dirty work for years, so it is not as if the idea to be guided by the men robotics is a perfect stranger, there, or what Whether it.


One Response to Robots filling jobs en masse in Japan

  1. Quera says:

    There is a good news. Japanese remote controlled human robots can do any job.
    People will now just relax and sit in there home.

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