Robot – Soccer Compete For The Football Title

Robot Soccer is a demanding high-tech competition for the universities, research institutes and industry. Several major tournaments are scheduled for 2008, of which the most important is the “RoboCup German Open.” April 21-25, over 80 research teams from more than 15 countries are expected to sign up for the Hanover Fair. In a series of football games in several leagues, set them on the latest technologies.For a machine, a football game is a very complex undertaking. The robot must be able to recognize the ball reliably, the scenes and the goal posts continue to make a distinction between their teammates and opponents. To that end, they are equipped with all kinds of high-tech equipment: cameras and sensors scan robots’ environment, the processors of the conversion of data to the tactics of the game and the defence of strategies, and innovative engines enable the automation of players for the sprint and in the field unexpectedly fake their opponents.

There are now nine leagues, each with its own technology. The League of medium-sized robots move on the wheels. Four players and one goalkeeper per team competition on a 20 x 14 meter height with the objectives of football. They must be able to work in complete independence, and are equipped with TCS internal process the information in real time. In addition, the robot up to two metres per second.

Other automated football player, as Sony’s Aibo robot dog, walk on four paws engineering. And on two legs were robots compete against each other with the RoboCup since 2005. “Humanoid Robot They have come a long way in recent years,” says Dr. Ansgar Bredenfeld, dealing with the RoboCup in the IAIS. “Just like the real players, they fall and get up again to go after the ball as independent and gates.”

The RoboCup is more than just a soccer tournament. Since 2006, there has been a “RoboCup (at) Home ‘category, a competition for service robots. In a room to reproduce, the robots have access to refrigerators, to collect the waste and to recognize the people. And in the” RoboCup Rescue ‘class, the robots must rescue the obstacle course.

“RoboCup promotes technological development in a manner that is not otherwise possible,” said Professor Stefan Wrobel, director of the AICA. “Many elements, which were originally designed for robot soccer have since found their way into other applications, for example in the localization technology for the control of robots.” Robots, the turf on his own initiative or for the collection of samples from the depths of the ocean for the seamen are also researchers at the RoboCup technology.

Participants under the age of 20 have their own competition “RoboCup Junior,” which at the same time that the “RoboCup Senior ‘tournament. Addition to the struggle in a robot-soccer tournament, the future generation of scientists, will compete in the Robo Dance ( robot dance) and RoboRescue (obstacle course) in the competitions. These events are very popular, almost 300 teams in this year for the competition. for participation in Hanover, the teams have a permissible The three tournaments. “Germany has a big problem: It lacks the tens of thousands of engineers, “Wrobel.” RoboCup Junior is a very important event, because it is the interest of young people for technical course. “

The tournament is organized and conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Analysis and Intelligent Information Systems IAIS in St. Augustine.


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