Robot Pleo finally learns how to sit with Life OS 1.1

Article about new Robot Pleo with OS 1.1 ( robot news )
Although Pleo just upgrade to v1.0.2 beginning of this month, taking the UGOBE Life on OS 1.1, and a laundry list of features to boot. Originally developed for the installation of only through an SD card (download via USB hit it within a few weeks), the update allows your favorite dino five to sit, sing a variety of melodies, calling attention, sick (cough / sneezing), and change settings on the basis of how much attention it gets. As these things always go, there is also the promise of a few unannounced inclusions ( “strange habits”, as it were), and it should be noted that the previous downloads – Holidays, Love impressed MySkit, Yapt, etc . – Should finally back in the new versions can be downloaded with the life OS 1.1 update. Give the link to read some attention to the changes and start the download, while over there.


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