SMD Ultra Trencher 1 can lay pipes and cables in the briny deep

What’s supposedly the largest deep-sea remote robot ever built roll-out this week: The Ultra SMD Trencher 1 (UT1), a 50 ton, 10 million pounds ($ 19.8m) ROV on the size of a small residence (25 , 5 x 25.5 x 18.3 foot). Capable sucking two megawatt power with the use of the “jet-Swords” digging deep sea pipelines up to a meter wide and 2.5 meters deep in the seabed (while operating at a depth of up to 1500m), which is UT1 clearly just in time. We hear the CIA are due anchored errant snip another three or four deep-Internet backbone cable, so that the UT1 has his work cut out for him.


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