Climbing robot Capuchin: its way into your nightmares (video)

As if this were not enough, creepy crawly robots there is already a team of researchers from Stanford University have now los this small number, which they hope will one day shows his climbing skills on Mars. Dubbed Capuchins, the bot is a follow-up to the Lemur robot built by the same team, and promises to climb walls about 40 times faster than the older ones. To achieve this, the researchers have apparently not a big mechanical changes, but employs an advanced computer program that carries the bot’s every movement. More specifically, how NewScientist reported, the software uses a sophisticated load-balancing system, which the bot distributes the weight evenly on his arms and legs and improved stability when climbing. As you can see for themselves and the video after the break, which seems to work remarkably well, even if we still do not trust it as a partner for your next expedition climbing.


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