Canadian-built Dextre robot set for delivery to space station

It is perhaps not the only Bot on the block long, but for the moment at least, the construction Canadian robot Dextre is for the honour, with this value to blast off Tuesday aboard the space shuttle Endeavour for the delivery of his new house on the international ISS. As USA Today reports, the robot was ten years of work (at a price of 210 million US dollars), and is responsible for managing the tasks that most, if not, would the astronauts on Extra. The astronauts always have a job for some time with one of the most important tasks during the Endeavour mission, of course, the assembly of Dextre, which is currently divided into nine parts. Even after this step, but Dextre is apparently not with the work until somewhere in the year 2009, at which time he will be able to replace about 140 pieces of the ISS and will be either by the mission control or the team on the Space Station.


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