Professor decries robotic killing machines, clearly prefers to do killing himself

So, the military is continuing on the path of the inevitable completely computer controlled autonomous robo-warriors capable of combating the deadly battles of man on our behalf – and future opponents Sheffield U prof like Noel Sharkey, , the ethics of autonomous military systems conference in London, decried by bots “self-determined killing abilities as” a threat to humanity “- especially if they are captured and re-offered by the terrorists to do their evil bidding. Sharkey exclaimed that he is “working in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot to make decisions regarding the termination of man terrifies [him]”, but – and we just it will throw out there – if they are oppressed by a race of machines run amok were actually an improvement over our governments corrupt men? Is it not a possibility, too? We will certainly continue to say that this is in some way recognizing that we managed not to be toppled by our own creations. So far.

P.S. We dare you, commentators, NOT bust welcoming our robot lords cliché.


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