Gesture-controlled robot is at your service (video)

Engineering at the University of Tokyo Tsuyoshi Horo has a new system to control the robot (or in this case a shift in the chair), with the help of a simple hand gestures and body. The researchers used a circular route from cameras to detect and follow the movements of the body in a controlled environment, and these movements to action for a PLC. The cameras are used to provide a real-time 3D volumetric model of the objects or persons in the room, then in a virtual cube psychedelic pile to be read and how the data is processed. Seen movement allows a user, the bot something of a direction to show how they want them to go. Of course, this is very good, but we are interested in ourselves Tron-ed in a very complex Rubik’s Cube – where we register? See the video after the break to secure the system (and blocks), in the action.


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