Dutch robot promises to fill your gas tank !!!

As if the robot is not enough, our jobs, a group of Dutch inventors have now the task of the veil of their new car robot with food, which he hopes will one day be the filling of the tank to a nearby station from their homes . With respect to the negotiation of the price of € 75000 ($ 111,100), which was apparently can identify the cars because they upwards, and the reference in a database to determine the type of fuel and to use the base type of the fuel, which should be avoided Malchances. Oddly enough, admit that the inventor of the technology is not a completely new idea, and they provide the means for inspiration for the robot for milking the cows, he said that “if a robot can do that, then why can it not a car tank fill. “Although it is apparently not a fait accompli at this stage the team say they hope to provide the robot with a” handful “of the Dutch gas at the end of the year.


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