TeMo robot carries mobile, takes orders from anywhere …

We know how men can become attached to their robots – particularly those that have had a hand in creation. Fortunately, the advent of mobile broadband is what allows us to stay closer and closer to our mechanics, even when we are there. All gushing aside, TeMo home is a pretty swank concoction – it is mainly built from Lego Technic and comprises five servo motors, an arm (you know, to do things), a microcontroller and it’s very own cell phone, with an unlimited data package. Put simply, a creature of the device runs a Web server that can be accessed from anywhere, in theory, give the owner the ability to transmit commands halfway (or fully) in the World wide. Best of all, the truth of how TeMo ticks is sprawled read in the link below, so be sure to give some attention if it seems to be the perfect solution to that strained relationship long distance.


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