iRobot Defeats Rival in Lawsuit and Earns Big Military Contract !

You may remember our messages about the plight of iRobot, which had accused his ex-employee, Jameel Ahed, stealing their design, only to have the American army assigned a whopping $ 280 million contract said the former employee, and rejecting iRobot. Oh injustice!

Cry no more, other shareholders and Roomba lovers, because justice has been done! Unfortunately, the price of justice is a cool $ 2.9million dollars. But nobody has ever said that the good old “Lex Rex come cheap.

In addition to the lawsuits in the two judges in favour of rulling iRobot – a decision that FX Robotic had infringed the patent of iRobot, and the other holding that, Robotic FX stole proprietary information – Robotic FX will now be disbanded and its assets given for the payment of iRobot.

In a colony, Robotic FX will be dissolved and certain residual assets held by iRobot iRobot during the election. Ahed are prohibited from engaging in activities compete in the robotics industry for five years.

In response to the news, the US DoD awarded iRobot the $280 million dollar contract that was previously awarded to Robotic FX. While iRobot’s stock price has a long way to go from $ 24 to top it was before any of these events happened, the future is looking much brighter.


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