In Japan, the robot is designed and managed with the help of brain waves

Japanese scientists have created a new anthropoid robot, controlled remotely by means of electrical signals generated as a result of brain activity. In other words, the robot is controlled by force thought, in fact, the robot is equipped with a means of Internet connection, so it is able to receive commands, and through a global network.

Project developers, engineers from the Japan Agency for Science and Technology JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), said that the main scope of the robot – hospitals, where people with varying degrees of paralysis to be rebuilt motor function.

Meanwhile, the robot tested at the University of North Carolina in the USA, where with the help of news professionals trained two experimental primates to walk on two legs only, not bent spine and not helping yourself when walking upper limbs, as do animals. Specialists say that as a result of medical experiments recorded what brain neurons activated in the future to helping patients recover paralysis primarily motor functions.

Salt experience was that the experimental monkeys were actually in the American university, a robot who has their brain activity in the Japanese city of Kyoto University. Relationship conducted via the Internet.

The robot, known as CBI (Computational Brain interface), is 155 cm tall and weighing 85 kg. According to the developers, the machine has 51 degrees of freedom, which can be compared with the plasticity of the body. The system was developed with the participation of neyrobiologa Christopher Atkensona Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Hardware for stuffing the machine was created by Sarcos.

According to the Japanese ministry, the first results of the experiments proved to be more than successful, because from the first times scientists have received the full amount of data, which was scheduled to receive.

In the near future specialists will complicate the software and sensors machines for the CBI has been able to work not only with the basic brain signals responsible for the simple movements, but also for complex sets of data from the brain of people.


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