US Department of Defense Releases Unmanned Systems Roadmap: 2007-2032

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has published a report in detail in the future of robotics, military equipment and the way in the US Army. The 188 pages of the report (pdf) for the next 25 years without driver military systems in the air and sea, and on the ground.

“The publication of this most-recent roadmap will further our strategic planning and our overall objective of developing, procuring and integrating unmanned systems into the force structure of the Department of Defense to support our various military mission capabilities,”

This report is the only thing she has, both on Earth and in the sea of vehicles more than that, much more “people’s party” and often used Arial systems. This strengthens the position of the Ministry that the integration of air-, land-, sea-and systems is an essential part of the future of the US Army.

The report contains recommendations made by the commanders on the ground and the way in which Amnesty International has also lead the development, that the “idea”.

“The DoD will develop and employ an increasingly sophisticated force of unmanned systems over the next 25 years (2007 to 2032). This force must evolve to become seamlessly integrated with manned systems as well as with other unmanned systems. The Department will pursue greater autonomy in order to improve the ability of unmanned systems to operate independently, either individually or collaboratively, to execute complex missions in a dynamic environment.”

Another exciting aspect of this report is a huge investment the list of all systems, with no drivers, which is currently provided by the army. The picture on the left is a photo of the Lockheed Martin Protector Umanned surface of the vehicle.


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