Japanese robot gets more life-like …

TOKYO (Reuters) – The white shiny robots, like a Inspired, and a man from the bed, and persuasion helped in preparing his breakfast with his dexterous hands in Tokyo on Tuesday, in a new sign, the robots are always people like More its inventor.

Twendy-one, named as the 21st Century issue before a robot, Wendy, the hands and fingers slightly soft, the grip, a sufficient strength to support people as they sit, and to imagine and flexible movements, which violate the human touch.

There can be a number of bread without crushed, and the support of people from toast of the night.

“This is the first robot in the world with so much on the integration of the system,” said Shigeki Sugano, a professor of mechanical engineering at Waseda University, the leadership of the Twendy-A Project (http://twendyone. Com), and shows the result on Tuesday.

“It is difficult to present a balanced strength flexible.”

The robot is a little shorter than the average Japanese woman to 1.5 meters (5 feet), but hard is 111 kg (245 pounds). His arms and a long face in the form of a giant bean crushed mean, as in the foreign film character DB

Twendy-One had almost seven years and a budget of several million dollars to collect all the elements of high technology, including the ability to speak and 241 of the pressure in each wrapped silicon sensors in the robot soft and flexible.

The robot on the grill plate and ketchup recovered from a refrigerator when she asked, after his salvation patient for the demonstration robot with a “hello” and “good appetite”.

Sugano said that he hoped the acquisition of a financially robots that help the elderly and perhaps working in the office in 2015 with a price of about $ 200000th

But at the moment it is still a work in progress. Twendy-Man has just 15 minutes of the battery autonomy and his return from computer to overheat trend after each use.

“The robot is so complicated that even for us, it is difficult to move,” said Sugano.


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