Intelligent Software Helps Build Perfect Robotic Hand.

Portsmouth intelligent and Shanghai working on programs that will take them one step closer to perfection create robotic hand.

Using artificial intelligence, they create software that will examine and copy the movements of the hand of man.

They hope to repeat this in the robotic device, which will be able to make swift actions can now only on the human hand.

Dr. Liu Honghai, assistant professor at the University of Portsmouth Industrial Research Institute, and Professor Zhu Xiangyang of the Institute for Robotics at the University Shanghai Jiao Tun, received the Royal Society to provide further their studies.

This technology has the potential to revolutionize medicine and industry, and scientists hope that in future it could be used to produce artificial limbs perfect.

“A hands of robots that can perform tasks with dexterity of the human hand is one of the holy grails of science,” said Dr. Liu Honghai, who lectures at the University of Artificial Intelligence Institute of Industrial Research. The Institute specializes in artificial intelligence, including intellectual robotics, intelligent image processing and data analysis.

He said: “We are talking about the super high level of control of the robotic device.

Nothing that exists today, even close. “

Dr. Liu used cyberglove covered in tiny sensors to gather data on how the man turns. It was withdrawn from the motion capture of a group of eight high-resolution CCD camera and infrared lighting of a measurement accuracy of a few millimeters.

Professor Zhu Xiangyang of the Institute for Robotics at the University Shanghai Jiao Tun, one of which is recognized world-renowned research institutions of robotics, said that the study will help to strengthen the partnership between the methods of ‘artificial intelligence and robotics and pave the way A new chapter in robotics technology.

“People move effectively and efficiently in a continuous movement arising, we have improved over the generations of evolution, and that we all learn to make babies. Progress in science mean that we teach robots to move in the same way. “


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