Bedside Visits By Robots And Doctors May Get Patients Home Faster.

A study in the Sinai Hospital in Baltimore found that the robot telerounding can significantly reduce the length of stay of patients in the laparoscopic gastric surgery derivative probe used when it comes to the standard postoperative visits, or “rounds” of the surgeon.

“One of the most important keys to providing the benefits of high quality for patients came to the Sinai wait is communication. Technology, in the robotics telerounding offers both physicians and patients better access to other than those in the traditional visits, “said Alex Gandsas, MD, principal investigator and director of the department bariatrique and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Sinai Hospital.

The 5 foot 5 inch robot, shows the face of the doctor on a 15 “, the screen will be through a joystick in broom to the computerized monitoring of patients in the rooms, emulating the spot, experience. Aboard, in both directions , cameras, microphones, and wireless technology, doctors are able to continue to examine the tables, which is currently in the laboratory and X-ray results without physically in the hospital.

“We know that the earlier studies, that the satisfaction of the patients is high, with robotics telerounding, but we wanted to know if they also offer to save, and there is no doubt that it,” said Gandsas.

The study included 376 patients who received either a derivation laparoscopic gastric probe for morbid obesity. Among the patients, 284 were from the doctor bed reading standard round during the post. A second group of 92 patients were treated by a surgeon bed reading traditional visits by robots telerounding. Patients who suffer from postoperative complications in the same had failed, the study found.

After rounds of robotics, 77 percent of patients were on his first day postoperatively, without the patients exclusively by the head of salvos were to be the first day. The average length of stay fell from 2.33 days for the group evaluated solely by the head end round at 1.26 days for the assessment by robots telerounding. Little relief in the robotics telerounding created group for an additional capacity of 71 patients per day, for a total financial gain $ 219578 for the 54 beds occupied. Even a total savings accommodation and meals of $ 14378 was due to an early dismissal.


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